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At Black Sheep, we design with human psychology in mind—to create beautiful brands that have a direct impact on your company’s growth and revenue.

Branding & Design is the art of communication. 


Calibrated communication influences behaviours and decisions. When your brand is designed to produce intentional results, you can control the growth, impact and revenue of your company with powerful accuracy.

What is it: Your brand is your company's personality. It's how your customer feels when they interact with you at every touch point. This might include the tone of your copy, the style of photography, the smell of your shop, the personality of your service team, the UX of your website and the tasteful design of your logo. It all adds up to create a consistent experience; a feeling and a connection between you and your customer.


What it does: Companies often invest in marketing, social media, product development and website design—before—they invest in strategic branding. Ironically, it is strategic branding that makes marketing, social media, product design and websites genuinely effective. When your brand is engineered to target, engage and convert a specific audience—it dramatically increases efficacy and decreases expenses (we are talking $0.02 CPC & 20%-30% CTRs on digital ads here). When properly crafted, your brand will speak to your customers in a way that deeply resonates with them. It will inspire them to be curious, to reach out and to engage with you.


How it works: Design isn’t just about looking pretty; it’s about the art of communicating information and the psychology of decision making. Our strategic branding formula is packed full of exploration, research, testing and design. We work in partnership with organizations to develop well-fit solutions that grow and expand along with the company objectives.

In a nutshell: Branding & Design is the art of communication. Calibrated communication influences behaviours and decisions. Brand design is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your customer.  Brand design has a direct and noticeable impact on growth, sales and revenue.


Black Sheep is a Brand Design Collective that provides partner-level marketing, branding and communication expertise for altruistic corporations that are driven to create impact. All of our projects are executed by a highly proficient team of industry experts and partners.


Our unique agency model allows us to be agile, attentive and effective; delivering the right talent and solution to the right client, at the right time. 

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Kate is classically trained in the study of sociology, psychology, policy and research—but worked in marketing and branding for over a decade before founding Black Sheep. Kate’s experience before BS spanned from government marketing management to international brand management in the private sector (and so much in between).


Kate's greatest strength is getting to the heart of what will make a business truly viable, and working with the business leadership team to help them unload their mental and emotional labour in order to (simply and effectively) build out strategic and profitable companies—that naturally inspire brand love.



Céline studied Corporate Design at George Brown School of Design and is highly skilled in branding, logo design, typography, illustration, and web design.


Throughout her career, Céline’s has evolved her craft across industries—working with global music festivals, backcountry brands, online educational companies, restaurants and a host of other innovators. She has a keen mind for business strategy, and roots her work in research and psychology. It doesn’t just look pretty—it converts. No matter which hat she wears, her intention is clear—to empower organizations to stand out from the flock and do it with game changing brand strategy.


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