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Quickcover Co.

Jeep culture runs deep. To make assumptions about this market is to alienate them. 


We kicked this project off by conducting market research focus groups to get a little closer to what rings true to these ‘jeeple’.  What we found was that jeep enthusiasts are down to earth, quality focused and unpretentious. But first and foremost, they are loyal to the cause. Jeep enthusiasts are in it for adventure, the experience, and the purity of the journey. Frills be damned.


Strength, perseverance and quality. Our word mark uses bold, strong type to illustrate a bespoke truck accessory for all types of terrain. Designed to be visible from a distance, and to play with the idea of the raindrop/rain coverage.  


The overall branding merges with the already established Jeep vehicle branding, so it becomes part of a consumer’s complete vehicle upgrade; A seamless fit into the Jeep users ideal aesthetic.

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