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Pre-sale customer journey

This Blackboarding Session is a creative and expansive space. It's a platform to assess opportunity and explore possibility—which means that it can feel a little overwhelming at times.

Just remember that this is explorative, not definitive. After we discuss possibilities we will narrow them down into simple and essential strategies in the coming weeks (we promise, this is all part of a very organized process).


As we go into this session: try and be open to playful, expansive thinking. It's rare that we get to be creative in our day to day business... so just relax and enjoy it! 

The Post-sale CUSTOMER Journey
Mapping session details

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Session Date:

September 13, 2022 at 5:59:14 PM

Last Update:

September 13, 2022 at 7:56:36 PM


Target Customer

Each business will have a number of different customer segments (avatars) that have their own unique needs. This journey mapping process will allow you to unpack what those needs are at each stage of the sales cycle, so that you can strategically engineer your customer's journey to attract, convert and build a relationship with your valuable customers.

Woman in Yellow Dress

Avatar Name

Which segment does this avatar represent? (ie. "The Marketing Manager")

What are some of the key characteristics, needs and obstacles that we need to consider, while walking this customer through their journey?



What expectations need to be managed post-sale?

Commitment | Accountability | Timelines | Engagement | Results | Etc.

What are they most stoked about right after they buy from you?

What are some of their inherent or initial concerns/obstacles that might come up post-purchase?

What do they ultimately need, and what do they need to see from you to carry on to the next phase of the journey?


What is a higher level of value and fit that you and your customer can reach?

What additional products/services can take them to the next level of their goals?

What are they most stoked about after they have aligned with you for a while? 

What are some of the obstacles they encounter with their use of your products/services?

What do they ultimately need, and what do they need to see from you to carry on to a higher level of the journey?


Why do your customers refer your product/services to others?

Utility | Reward | Identity | Etc.

What are they most stoked about when sharing the 'good word of your company?

What are some of obstacles that could hold them back from sharing with others?

What do they ultimately need, and what do they need to see from you to feel good about referring their friends and attaching their identity to your company?

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